Belleville, Illinois, is a historic city located in St. Clair County in the southwestern part of the state. Here's an overview of Belleville:

  1. History: Belleville was founded in 1814 by George Blair, who named the city after his birthplace, Belleville, New Jersey. It quickly grew into an important regional center, serving as a transportation hub due to its location along major roadways and railroads.

  2. Location: Belleville is situated approximately 15 miles southeast of St. Louis, Missouri, making it part of the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. Its location provides residents with easy access to urban amenities while offering a distinct small-town atmosphere.

  3. Historic Downtown: Belleville boasts a charming historic downtown area with well-preserved 19th-century architecture. Visitors can explore a variety of shops, restaurants, art galleries, and historic landmarks, including the Labor and Industry Museum and the historic Lincoln Theatre.

  4. Parks and Recreation: Belleville offers residents numerous parks, recreational facilities, and green spaces. Some notable parks include Bellevue Park, which features sports fields, playgrounds, and picnic areas, and Hough Park, known for its scenic beauty and walking trails.

  5. Cultural Attractions: Belleville has a rich cultural scene with events, festivals, and attractions throughout the year. The city hosts the annual Art on the Square, one of the top fine arts festivals in the nation, as well as the Belleville Ale Fest and the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

  6. Education: Belleville is served by several public school districts, including Belleville School District 118 and Belleville Township High School District 201. The city is also home to Lindenwood University-Belleville, a private university offering undergraduate and graduate programs.

  7. Healthcare: Belleville is home to several hospitals and healthcare facilities, including Memorial Hospital Belleville and St. Elizabeth's Hospital, providing residents with access to quality healthcare services.

  8. Community Spirit: Belleville has a strong sense of community pride and engagement. The city hosts various community events and initiatives, including neighborhood cleanups, volunteer opportunities, and cultural celebrations, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community.

Overall, Belleville, Illinois, offers residents a blend of historic charm, cultural attractions, recreational opportunities, and a strong sense of community, making it an attractive place to live, work, and visit.